Narcisco Rodriguez presents its famed For Him Bleu Noir Fragrance In Eau De Parfum

Ever since its 2015 release, Narcisco Rodriguez’s for him bleu noir has been famous for its masculine and sexy scent. In other words, it is a fragrance to wear when you’re dressing up, one that makes you feel more elegant and chic. Well, this year, Narcisco Rodrigues presents for him bleu noir in Eau de Parfum.

“Bleu noir eau de parfum captures a sense of mystery with a deeper intensity. Without being intrusive, it’s a scent that can’t be ignored. It’s disarming—and very seductive.” Said Narcisco Rodriguez of the fragrance.

Setting the tone of the fragrance is a combination of bergamot and black pepper, which is simultaneously fresh yet spicy. Then, the fragrance gets more addictive with notes of musk in the heart and a woody base of blue cedar and black ebony. If the fragrance would be characterized in three words, it would be musky, woody and spicy. If it would be personified to a man, it would be a confident man who exudes ease and sensuality. To capture that man, Narcisco Rodriguez enlisted model Billy Vandendooren to front the campaign.