Music: The up-and-coming divas

We gather the best tunes from the up-and-coming female vocalists.

Miley Cyrus

Let’s be honest: She can be either Madonna in the making or young Christina Aguilera gone wild. No matter what, “Bangerz” is charged with high-octane musicality like nothing ever heard in the early works of the then Disney actress. The track “We Can’t Stop” is officially an ear-worm—didn’t it stick in your mind after a listen? And the “Wrecking Ball” video clip is forever immortalized in the viewer’s visual memory. Cyrus’ collaboration with rappers and hip-hop artist alike, including French Montana, makes a bold departure from her previous records. Among all, “FU” and “Adore You” are two seriously biting tracks. Britney Spears’ contribution to the “SMS (Bangerz)” sounds a tad skanky though.


Lady Gaga

There’s never a boring moment with Lady Gaga, and “Artpop” kicks the drums louder than “Born This Way.” The sense of rave disco parties somewhere in the downtown of New York is infused in a number of tracks, not excluding “Sexxx Dreams.” Her craft for catchy lyrics only improves in this album, and so does the music video—“Applause” exemplifies these. When the tone switches to ballad, Lady Gaga strikingly nails the song, as evident in “Dope (I Wanna Be With You).” With a total of 15 tracks, the album is veritably a treat for the loyal fans.


Katy Perry

Like fashion, music often borrows references from the past and serves them with a new twist. This rings true in the case of Katy Perry’s latest album, “Prism.” Affirmatively, it unloads melodies of various genres (compare disco-pop “Unconditionally” and dub-step-esque “Dark Horse”), giving listeners another spectrum of her as a singer and a musician. While the “Roar” single is a commercial hit, “Dark Horse” has hip-hop and a little of “Harlem Shake” beat to it. Swedish dance artist Robyn is also mentioned as one of the inspirations.


This Is… Icona Pop
Icona Pop 

Swedish duo Icona Pop’s second album, “This Is… Icona Pop” is straight up fun and exuberant, blaring electro house with roots of indie pop. Friendship, love and youth are the relatable themes weaving the tracks, as in the lyrics of “We Got The World”: We can live fast, fly young/ Everyday we celebrate just like we won/ Only you and I, DIY/ We found a way to live the dream until we die. In its entirety, the album may serve as soundtracks to your ebullient road trip or else a reminder on how being young feels like.


Pure Heroine

Already a record-breaking artist at the tender age of 17 is a feat hard to beat. Especially in the case of Lorde, a New Zealand singer whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, she has risen to become the first solo Kiwi
artist who tops the U.S. Billboard chart, and the youngest musician to do so in more than 25 years. Her debut album “Pure Heroine” comprises major hits including “Royals” and “Tennis Court,” both of which usher in an ambient, art-pop genre into the mainstream. What’s pretty impressive, aside from the easy-listening songs, is the contemplative lyrics—Lorde is definitely a diamond in the rough, only time will tell.