Most Expensive Connected Watch in the World by TAG Heuer

LUXURIOUS CONNECTIVITY. If you thought a connected watch was a representation of technological opulence, TAG Heuer ups the ante with the most expensive connected watch in the world


For a renowned luxury Swiss watchmaker like TAG Heuer to take on the connected watch industry came as a surprise to many and left several sceptic at the possibility. But with the arrival of the Connected Modular 45, those so called purist saw the possible future of collaborating technology into traditional watchmaking. Being the luxury watch brand that it is, TAG Heuer wasn’t satisfied at just being another watch brand to release a pricey connected timepiece and released what is said to be the most expensive connected watch in the world.

Displayed at the recent SIHH, this Connected Modular 45 features a 45mm case which is made of white, 18K PD125 gold, and is decorated with 589 baguette-cut diamonds that enhance the bezel (78 VVS), horns (16 VVS) and the strap (495 VVS), for a total of 23.35 carats. If you want the epitome of technological bling, this is the time piece for you. Like the original Connected Modular 45, this diamond encrusted version, referred to as the Connected Modular 45 Full Diamonds, also comes with a mechanical module Caliber 5. The mechanical module is also adorned with 72 diamonds on the bezel.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Full Diamonds is more than just a statement timepiece, as its functionality was also considered in its conception. Some of the features found in this timepiece include water resistance up to 50 meters, GPS, an NFC sensor enabling contactless payment via Android PayTM, a high definition AMOLED screen and an infinite collection of customizable TAG Heuer dials from the TAG Heuer Studio. Running on the Android WearTM operating system, the TAG Heuer Connected 45 Full Diamond is compatible with AndroidTM 4.3 phones and iOS 9 or later versions. So, if you’re looking to prove your wealth, what better way than sporting the most expensive connected watch in the world.