Montblanc Gets Connected With New Summit Smartwatch

ASCENDING THE SUMMIT. Montblanc moves forward entering into a new realm of wearable technology with its debut Summit Smartwatch


At first, traditional watchmakers were reluctant to enter the wearable technology market, leaving that slot for the gadget companies. As the demand for smartwatches that were not only functional, but also looked good increased, slowly, one by one, the traditionalists step up to the plate and try their hand on digital timekeeping. Montblanc is the latest to enter the game with its latest Summit Smartwatch.

Referencing the brands 1858 collection with the same name, the new Summit maintains the look of the classic watch, but has been given a technological upgrade. Packed with Google’s Android Wear 2.0 powering the smartwatches, the high-contrast AMOLED screen offers wearers the ease of flipping through virtual watch faces to fit their personal taste. Encased in either a black or polished stainless steel case, the ease of customizing is also found on the straps of the watch that can be easily replaced using a simple clasp system. Opt for either a rubber or leather strap, or find an exotic band that better suits your style.

The smartwatch comes with an assortment of features, from the standard activity-tracker plus other applications such as Google Maps, Uber, message notifications, plus a first for luxury wearable technology, a heart-rate monitor. It also comes with a global translator that promises easy translation of over 100 languages, the ability to listen to music offline, and Google Assistant to keep you organized. For a full rundown on what exactly the new Summit Smartwatch features, open the official Montblanc website.