Andrew Cooper Makes His Moves from Modeling, Acting to Business Seamlessly

THE FRUITS OF LABOR. Actor, model and the Juiceman. Andrew Cooper’s career is literally unlike any other. Here he shares his story while showcasing the latest collection from Dunhill London


Andrew Cooper of the Royals on E in Dunhill London for DA MAN Dec Jan 2017-1


Nowadays, English-born Andrew Cooper is best known as one of the stars of “The Royals”—arguably the most English TV series currently airing. Long story short, it tells the story of a fictional British royal family and the power struggles happening within it. But before that, he was already a successful model, appearing in ad campaigns for, among others, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Jeans and, most famously, Diet Coke. But it seems that there’s also a businessman’s brain inside the artist’s head, as Cooper also operates a couple of pet-related ventures and is the creator of the Juiceman brand. If anything, the Juiceman certainly has an incredible tale to tell.

DA MAN: Hi, Andrew. Great to have you with us. So, this December, the third season of “The Royals” will start airing. What can fans of the series expect this time around?
Andrew Cooper: Yes, Lord Beckwith will be coming back to stir things up a bit and ruffle Jasper’s [Jasper Frost, played by Tom Austen] feathers. The show has some big story lines and some good new characters. I feel like the show also delivers some grit this season, so make sure you tune in.

DA MAN: Can you tell us anything about the role of your character—Lord Twysden Beckwith—in this season’s story?
Andrew Cooper: He is the best friend of the deceased Prince Robert, who was the rightful heir to the throne and first love of princess Eleanor. He carries on showing up and playing with the princess’ heart, but in the third season, things change. This season, he is back for other reasons that I cannot elaborate on, and it’s going to kick off with a huge bang.

DA MAN: With two seasons behind you, what would you say is the secret to the show’s staying power?
Andrew Cooper: I think the key is in having great characters and then the struggle for power and the weight of the throne that creates drama … along with a story of a real family that’s relatable. There are a few good love triangles that always keep things interesting such as Jasper, Eleanor and Beck. It’s fantasy, but the family struggles are relatable. Having a great creator and skipper like Mark Schwahn and a great cast are also key to the success.

DA MAN: On a more personal note, what do you like the most about being part of “The Royals”?
Andrew Cooper: The cast and crew are awesome. My character is not a lead, but whenever I’m on set, it feels like a family reunion and it’s a fun place to be every summer.

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