MB&F Releases the Sports Car-Inspired HM8 Can-Am Watch

The HM8 Can-Am Watch celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Canadian-American Challenge Cup sports car racing series. But, boy, isn’t this the sexiest ticker you’ve ever laid eyes on?




Maximilian Büsser, the Swiss-Indian founder of MB&F, is never shy to tackling uncanny designs in the name of horology. While recent years have seen the company, which actually stands for “Maximilian Büsser and Friends,” roll out not just robotic-looking timepieces but also a timekeeping robot, too. But the most surprising fact would be that every creation is highly sought after—even the pre-owned ones.



 Maximilian Büsser during his visit to Jakarta

The key to the brand’s successful designs, admittedly, is personal. Yes, each creation is as personal as Büsser decides to be—robots and cars are some of his childhood fantasies. And the latest novelty, the HM8 Can-Am, doesn’t fall far from that seed of ideas. “The Can-Am cars were so fast,” he enthuses during his visit to Jakarta early September this year, “and the shape of the car was iconic with the sloping, aerodynamic top.” That and a whole lot more of elements from the 1960s Formula One cars courtesy of Bruce McLaren were incorporated in the HM8 Can-Am. And the result, hands down, is pretty spectacular.





 The hour and minute display


Said to be a driver’s watch, the hour and minute digital display of the HM8 Can-Am is intentionally shown propped on the right-hand side. That particular display—reminiscent of the “roll bars” from Bruce McLaren’s sports cars—connects to an optical prism extending to the back that reveals the watch’s exceptional automatic movement, which was developed by the house from a Girard-Perregaux base caliber with a 42-hour power reserve. For an MB&F fan, the HM8 Can-Am is a hybrid between the HM5 and the HM3. Nonetheless, the impressive titanium case with either white or red gold is both angular yet curvaceous on different sides and as sexy as a sports car can ever be. To think of it, with the combination of both sports car and fine timepiece in one package, the HM8 Can-Am could just be the best boy toy of the year.



The crown of the watch



The automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve




 The case-back