MARTELL COHIBA launches in Indonesia

Enjoying a sip of Martell Cohiba is like tasting a piece of history. While each and every Martell cognac does have a unique tale of its own, Cohiba’s is like none other.



The story of this celebrated cognac wasn’t started in France, the home of Martell and the source of many of its products. It began, actually, in a country in an entirely different continent: Cuba.


Fidel’s Favorite

It was the mid-1960s and Fidel Castro was smoking a then-unbranded specially blended cigar he got from a bodyguard. He was so impressed by the cigar that he set out to search for the artisan and, after finding him and discovering the secret blend, started a factory where he gathered a group of cigar makers to produce what would later branded as Cohiba.


Soon, Cohiba reached cult status. It was desirable not only because of its great aroma and marvelous taste, but also because it was almost unobtainable. It was exclusively distributed only to Castro himself, as well as notable state officials, members of government, diplomats and other high-ranking figures. One of those figures was Che Guevara, who was later photographed smoking a Cohiba cigar on a number of occasions. Thanks to him, Cohiba is now considered a part of Cuba’s historic revolution.


Cigars and Cognac

In 1982, Cohiba was finally made available for public consumption. It didn’t take long for the world to recognize Cohiba as one of the best premium cigars to have ever been produced. It is so good, in fact, that in 1999, a cognac was specially blended and created expressly to be enjoyed together with the Cohiba cigars. To create the cognac, the cigar makers worked together with Martell, using eaux-de-vie that matched their taste. It became the one and only product on the market that was designed as an accompaniment to the cigars.


In 2005, the cognac was relaunched under the Martell brand. The mix was also renewed, but it never strayed far from its Cuban heritage. The blend is elaborated from a unique composition of the finest eaux-de-vie, taken from the Grand Champagne growth area of France, which produces the most prestigious cognacs with powerful flavors that are persistent on the palate. The cognac has been aged for 40 to 50 years in oak barrels and yields complex and intense aromas.


Jakarta Launch

To perfectly match the taste of a Cohiba cigar, the cognac contains 43 percent alcohol. Cohiba, here today Recently, Martell Cohiba’s Indonesian launch took place in the ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Martell’s Heritage Director, Jacques Menier, flew in to introduce this legendary cognac.


Nutty Notes

With golden highlights and hints of mahogany, Martell Cohiba has an amber color that is reminiscent of the cigar. The fragrance contains gentle notes of berries and dried fruits, with nutty notes of toasted almonds and hazel, as well as roasted coffee beans. It’s also completed with subtle floral aromas.


The taste, meanwhile, is rounded, smooth and sweet. It’s finished with a touch of licorice and slight nutty notes. Martell Cohiba comes in a bottle bearing a print depicting a Cuban tobacco field landscape.