MAC Launches Unisex Makeup Line with Brant Brothers

This is the second time the brand has worked together with the socialite siblings


brant brothers mac cosmetics unisex


When it comes to being progressive and breaking gender boundaries, we have to give it to MAC Cosmetics. Earlier this year, the cosmetics brand has partnered up with Caitlyn Jenner to create a lipstick targeted for “all sexes.” Even before Jenner’s lipstick, though, more specifically in 2015, MAC has already had an entire makeup line dedicated to both women and men. A brainchild of MAC and Brant Brothers, the unisex line is followed by a second collection.

Consisting of Peter and his younger brother Harry, the Brants are sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and art collector Peter Brant. The two socialites were infamous for their excessive partying; it was just in March when Peter was arrested for alleged drunk tantrum. But at least with this makeup line, the two brothers are trying to do something good.

In an interview with Pop Sugar, the brothers talks about their hope to change the way society sees makeup and masculinity. “Men’s makeup has always been there, but it’s always existed in the shadows,” says Peter. “Male movie stars, a guy on a runway, even a delegate doing a national debate—they all wear makeup.” His brother then continues to mention Johnny Depp and his iconic “Pirates of the Caribbean” eyeliners. “You can find him incredibly sexy and he uses just a little bit of eyeliner—he looks like a rock star!” exclaims Harry.

Consisting of neutral shadows, kohl pencils, lip stains, concealers and contour brushes, the brothers’ second MAC collection is already available online.