Louis Vuitton SS19 Presentation with Afghansyah Reza

From December 2-5, 2018, we travelled to Tokyo, Japan with award-winning singer-songwriter Afgansyah Reza to see the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

The craftsmanship the French powerhouse is known for is very much embedded in Virgil Abloh‘s elevated streetwear collection. From the choice of materials (leather, ceramic, and plastic to name a few) to Wizard of Oz influences, the collection evokes luxe coolness.

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Standout pieces from the collection include Wizard of Oz tops, the holographic keepall, embroidered shirts that almost pass as couture, reimagined sneakers, the never-been-done soft trunk, and the signature streetwear neon shirts. Must-haves!

Afghansyah Reza wears Louis Vuitton Packable Galaxy Blouson, Zip Detail Metallic Track Pants, and Beverly Hills Sneakers

“I love the mixture of black and orange. It suits my personal style.” 

For the Welcome Dinner at Benoit, the 29-year-old artist wore a silky blue shirt over a black long sleeved shirt.

Afgan is wearing a Louis Vuitton Hawaiian Shirt in Dice motif
A pair of Luxembourg sneakers completes his look.

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We also experienced the emblematic work by the late Jesús Rafael Soto at the Louis Vuitton Omotesando store.

Named Penetrable BBL Blue, the immersive art installation is made of suspended volumes of thin vertical rods. It is a revelation of the sensitive space where the impression of movement, generated by repetitions of shapes and colours, gives way to genuine optical illusions.

The art installation runs from now until May 12, 2019.

Afgansyah ‘Afgan’ Reza wears a teal jacket with oversized collars.

We concluded the trip with a photo shoot in the streets of Tokyo. Watch out for it in our February-March 2019 issue.

Here’s a preview of the star’s seriously good modelling skills.

Tailored from cotton in a slightly loose fit, the Louis Vuitton Packable Galaxy Blousan can be packed away using a zip on the back.
The singer-songwriter carries the Keepall Bandouliere 50 M44170.

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Photography ZAKY AKBAR