Louis Vuitton Revamps Iconic Pieces For Fall ’21 Collection

The Louis Vuitton fall ’21 collection draws inspiration from a 1914 greeting card written by Gaston-Louis Vuitton.

The collection featured an expressionist bouquet of flowers against a checkerboard background, which looked like Vuitton might have scratched it out himself. The handwritten inscription that reads “Marque L. Vuitton déposée” has even been subtly incorporated into the print. This motif—straight out of the maison’s archives—has come full circle and is once again on trend. Versions of it in charcoal gray, camel and lime are applied to technical nylon outerwear, incorporated into double-faced wool coats, printed onto cotton shirts and T-shirts, and coordinated with footwear and accessories such as neck pendants, belts and hats.


The multicolor tie-dye—a reinterpretation of one of Virgil Abloh’s earliest prints and a key feature of Louis Vuitton menswear—is transformed into Monogram Sunset and used to pattern jackets and long or short-sleeved shirts. The garments are complemented by a selection of leather pieces including the popular Keepall, the must- have Sirius briefcase and the Trio Messenger bag—all available with this new checkerboard pattern in turquoise or charcoal gray. As for the Keepall, the Soft Trunk, the Horizon suitcase and small leather goods, these come in flamboyant Monogram Sunset canvas.