Louis Vuitton Reimagined Its Two Iconic Bag For The Essentials Collection

The Christopher and the Soft Trunk is now reimagined in exquisite details, taking them far beyond just the essential masculine bag.

Ever since its initial unveiling for Louis Vuitton’s 2005/2005 Fall-Winter collection as a backpack, the Christopher has seen a myriad of reinterpretations. Whether it’s by the streetwear giant Supreme, or by A Bathing Ape founder – Nigo, the new Christopher is undoubtedly an icon reimagined to be held in hand, slung over your back or chest is now available in stunning new colors – Taurillon Gommato, Monogram, Damier Canvas, and White.

This makes gives Christopher the ability to suit all masculine styling, be it urban, casual, or even formal occasions. It has also been revamped in Monogram Macassar or precious leather, and available in either a messenger, sling, or tote versions, it now adapts to any lifestyle and stores daily essentials conveniently within its myriad of pockets – making it the perfect everyday bag, presenting a very tasteful and attractive style; a bag with the vigor of the outdoors.

We also see Virgil Abloh’s take on the classic Soft Trunk. Also part of Louis Vuitton’s essential collection, the Soft Trunk drew inspiration from the Maison’s uber iconic trunk. Now redesigned as a Mini Soft Trunk, Soft Trunk, a Wallet, and even a Handle Soft Trunk, it had always been conceived to be the perfect masculine bag, giving off a very desirable silhouette while being practical at the same time.

Now available in Canvas or Taurillon Monogram, and exotic leathers, among a slew of Louis Vuitton’s finest materials. The Soft Trunk is available in several sizes, giving it an even better ability to adapt to its wearer. Worn crossed or slung, or however you may like, the Soft Trunk is designed to embrace your movement, and to elevate any outfit you may be wearing.

These two bags are a part of Louis Vuitton’s essentials collection, and they’re essential for a reason.