Louis Vuitton Presents Fall/Winter 2022 Collection To Honor Virgil Abloh

Fall/Winter 2022 is the last show comprised mostly of Abloh’s designs and once again honored his work and legacy.

Held at Carreau du Temple in Paris, The Louis Dreamhouse™️ presents the Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 Collection, consolidating the themes and messages of the eight-season arc Virgil Abloh created for Louis Vuitton. The set was monochrome blue with a king-sized bed, staircase, trampoline and chimneys and the models are accompanied by live orchestra performing songs by Tyler the Creator, a close friend of Abloh’s.

Through the lens of Virgil Abloh’s central Boyhood Ideology®, seeing the world with the eyes of a child, the collection transmutes the dress codes popularly tied to societal archetypes and patchworks them in new ways. Through materials and techniques, gestures of surrealism take form, abstracting the familiar and expanding our horizons.

To close the show, thirty members of Virgil Abloh’s team joined models on the runway for a final farewell to the late designer.