Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show

Historic. Fantastic. Futuristic. That’s Louis Vuitton Mens Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show in 3 words.

Relive the show that has set Paris Fashion Week—and the internet—ablaze! Here is a roundup of looks we love.

Clean Slate

Business on the left, party on the right! Strappy and deconstructed, we are loving this modern blazer design. A great statement piece!

Electric Neon

It’s official! Neon is a trend for spring/summer 2019. Not convinced? Click this.

Baggy and Softie

This forgiving silhouette makes us want to cancel our gym membership STAT. And that powdery, minty shade? Bruh, it’s cool AF.

Also, don’t you think this look is VERY KANYE?


Unsure which we like more. The drop shoulder hoodie with an overall acid print or that sunshine-y yellow trousers that has spring/summer written all over it.

Code Red

J’adore! This specific shade of rouge is chic and timeless. If we are to invest in a seasonless statement piece, this would be it.

Vested Interest

Because the fashion world is a cruel battlefield, this neon orange vest is sure to protect you from any harm. Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today, so they say.

To us, this is the key look from the Louis Vuitton Mens Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show.

Grandma’s Florals

What’s not to love about grandma’s florals?

And oh, these are not floral prints, by the way. The overall design is made of beads. BEADS! Truly mindblowing!

Painterly Strokes

Is it a floral print? Are they paint stains? Whichever it is, it’s fashionably intriguing.

Garden City

Now this is a great look for a spring picnic date or summer wedding. We’d wear a white shirt under it and we’re good to go.

The Future is Here

This futuristic coat or new-age kaftan is out of this world amazing! It’s giving us The Matrix edginess and fun intergalactic Star Wars vibes.

Which is your most favorite look from the Louis Vuitton Mens Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show? Did Virgil Abloh nail it or nah? Let us know in the comments.