Special Anniversary Hand Creams by L’Occitane

CELEBRETORY SUBTLENESS. L’Occitane Launches 40th Anniversary Edition Hand Creams


l'occitane 40th anniversary-boxes


Forty years ago, 23-year-old Olivier Baussan started L’Occitane so he might stay in Provence, a region in southeastern France. And who could blame him, when Provence is so blessed with postcard-perfect nature?

After years of struggle, L’Occitane has become the name that we know today: An internationally-acclaimed natural skincare brand with products that actually work and are worth the money spent.

Between opening stores in many corners of the world, throughout the years L’Occitane has also been involved in some charity activities. It, for instance, is a huge supporter of ORBIS, an organization that aims to fight avoidable blindness. L’Occitane is also dedicated to emancipation of the women in Burkina Faso, Africa, who grow the shea butter that has become the main ingredient in some of the brand’s most popular products. L’Occitane’s work in Burkina Faso has even been recognized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as an “exemplary business.”


l'occitane 40th anniversary


Today, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, L’Occitane is releasing three limited-edition 30ml hand creams. The three hand cream variants, including the original Shea Butter, Rose and Cherry Blossom, come in a new 1970s-inspired look to commemorate the occasion. Furthermore, they’re all encased in a limited-edition metal box.

Made from the famed shea butter of Burkina Faso, the hand creams have amazing nourishing properties and rich texture that can be absorbed by the skin quickly.