Living: Hermès Ikat Collection

FROM EAST TO WEST. Depicting both abstraction and naturalism in its cloud-like patterns, “ikat” is a special textile that has gone through a long-distance journey: from Asia to the West, and along the Silk Road.




Both the weaving technique and the term itself (“ikat” means “to tie”) originated in Indonesia, but its influence reached far and wide with various interpretations arising in many regions worldwide. The fabric, however, is always cloud-like with no two cloths being identical, thanks to the skilled artisans who weave the threads one by one, giving each a personalized touch. Hermès, a luxury brand with high appreciation for such beauty, has taken the pattern of the opulent fabric and used it to adorn a series of tableware. Voyage en Ikat, as the collection is called, comprises presentation plates, platters, vases, tea cups and saucers, among others. Made in Limoges, France, and decorated by Hermès craftsmen, the pieces feature emerald, sapphire and ruby shades that are enhanced by 24-carat matte gold.


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