Levi’s Introduces New Collection With Eco-Friendly Fabrics

The brand launches its High Loose Stay Loose collection featuring a new innovation: Cottonized Hemp.

As part of its social and environmental responsibility for its products and business operations, Levi’s continues to find ways in using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, processes and sources. To that end, the American brand recently launched its fall/winter 2020 collection titled the new High Loose Stay Loose, which comes with water-saving Cottonized Hemp and sustainably-grown cotton.

For this new collection, Levi’s embraces looser and baggy silhouettes with a brand-new denim fit for both women and men, in an eco-friendly fabric. As the name suggests, its High Loose—which is for women—is high waisted and super relaxed, while at the same time, its Stay Loose—which is for men—is slouchy and relaxed all the way down to its stacked ankle.

Developed especially for Levi’s to produce the soft fiber that is easy to weave into fabric for its products, cottonized hemp comes from the hemp plant. It grows quicker than cotton, uses less water, and requires fewer pesticides to ensure healthier soil. On top of that, during the production process, the cottonized hemp also needs less water during the coloring process. Moreover, when it’s no longer used, it will be easier to be recycle and much more friendlier to our environment.

“Levi’s High Loose Stay Loose collection contains a better sustainable fabric quality compared to other materials, it helps avoiding environmental pollution and keep the planet. This eco-friendly collection will also followed by other collections which will also apply sustainable principle and recycle process,” elaborates Lala Sartika, Trainer & People Development PT Levi Strauss Indonesia, in closing.