Lenny Kravitz is Making a Limited Edition Reworked Rolex

TIME TO ROCK. We know Lenny Kravitz has a knack for interior design. And now he tops himself by designing this limited edition watch


Lenny Kravitz Rolex-1


Indie watchmaking company Les Artisans de Genève is creating a watch together with Lenny Kravitz‘s interior design company, Kravitz Design.


Lenny Kravitz Rolex-2


Based on the Rolex 116523 reference, the LK 01 watch is completed with a black DLC case. In this version, the original bezel is replaced with a handmade golden bakelite one. The strap, too, is changed into Barenia veal leather. The red Daytona label on the handmade dial, though, has been preserved. The caseback is water-proof and transparent, showcasing the movement inside.

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