Lady Gaga is Tudor’s Latest Campaign Ambassador

GOING GAGA. The one and only Lady Gaga is Tudor’s latest #BornToDare campaign ambassador

Lady Gaga

Earlier this year, Tudor launched the Born To Dare campaign. More than just a catchy tagline, the phrase embodies a daring approach to life and, naturally, to watchmaking as well while reflecting on the history of the brand and what it stands for today, as spelled out in the campaign’s official manifesto which begins with “we are devoted to the classic, but reject the status quo” then goes on to pay homage to “those who are up for anything, those who face their fears, those who re-invent themselves every day.”

Voice of a Generation

Today, when you try to think about a single individual who epitomizes those qualities and is—above all else—exceedingly daring, few can compare to Lady Gaga. The multi-award winning singer, songwriter, producer and actress (last year, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress—which goes along nicely with her six Grammys and various other awards) is the living embodiment of “rejecting the status quo.”
For one, you’d be hard pressed to find an appearance by Lady Gaga where she’s dressed in something even remotely conventional. She is a consummate performer who constantly keeps millions of her fans and the fashion community on their toes. And that is to say nothing of her equally-provocative political statements.

“While nowhere near as provocative as the famed singer, the Heritage Black Bay presents its own interesting take on being devoted to the classics but rejecting the status quo”

Yet, under the glam and glitter, lies a core of classic values encompassing raw talent, hard work, bold choices and unwavering loyalty to her fans—her “little monsters,” as the “mother monster” affectionately calls them. What’s more, Lady Gaga’s message goes beyond music. While her vocal prowess never fails to move entire crowds, she also moves against the political tide by championing various causes and charities.
On a smaller, more personal scale, Lady Gaga is an artist who knows how every element of her appearance can deliver a powerful message on its own. This is in no small part of why she was chosen by Tudor, and also why she chose Tudor.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay with burgundy bezel

A Watch for the Mother Monster

As brand ambassador for Tudor, Lady Gaga has chosen the Heritage Black Bay. While nowhere near as provocative as the famed singer, this watch presents its own take on being devoted to the classics but rejecting the status quo.
For one, the Heritage Black Bay takes many of its design cues from Tudor’s first diving watches. There’s the prominent winding crown taken from the famous 7924 reference of 1958; there’s the angular hands borrowed from watches commissioned by the French National Navy back in the 1970s; and much, much more—including a steel bracelet inspired by the riveted bracelets from the 1950s and 1960s.
This ode to Tudor’s history, however, is powered by the brand’s first in-house movement. The MT5602 Manufacture Calibre offers precision, robustness and an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. This basically means that you can, say, take the watch off on a Friday evening, leave it home until Monday, and pick it up again without having to wind it.
Appearance-wise, this variant of the Heritage Black Bay stands out with a matt burgundy bezel, black dial and rose-gold hands. On a more poetic note, there’s a warm patina reminiscent of antique watches. Finally, the watch comes with two additional fabric straps—with the burgundy option apparently being Lady Gaga’s favorite, as seen in her campaign photo for Tudor.
Versatile, timeless and authentic, the Heritage Black Bay is certainly a fitting companion for those who dare.


Here is the newly released Tudor campaign featuring Lady Gaga: