Key SS19 Men’s Color Trend: Neon Yellow or Highlighter Yellow

Standing out from the crowd (if that’s your thing) is going to be a lot easier next year. We’re calling it: the key SS19 men’s color trend is neon yellow or highlighter yellow.

Sure we have seen the eye-catching color in shoes and accessories from previous seasons, but next year, head-to-toe neon and/or neon on neon will be the next big thing. Get your protective eyewear on; it’s going to be an eye-blinding spring/summer 2019!

Not convinced? Here are 5 proofs from Milan Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week.

Full Neon Yellow Look at Versace

For the full-fledged fashionistas.

Neon Yellow / Highlighter Yellow at Versace SS19

Neon Yellow Color Block at Kenzo

For beginners. Mixing the highlighter yellow with neutrals tones it down.

Neon Yellow / Highlighter Yellow at Kenzo SS19

Normcore Neon Yellow  at MSGM

For people who want to be effortlessly trendy. Think cool dads.

Neon Yellow / Highlighter Yellow at MSGM SS19

Shapeshifter Highlighter Yellow

For the avant-garde.

Neon Yellow / Highlighter Yellow at Comme des Garçons SS19

Neon Yellow Streetwear at Louis Vuitton

For the millennials. Pairing it with a pair of trousers–with a print we can’t put our finger on–is a boss move.

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Neon Yellow / Highlighter Yellow at Louis Vuitton SS19

Are you bold enough to wear this key SS19 men’s color trend? Are you going to wear neon yellow or highlighter yellow? Let us know in the comments.