Karl Lagerfeld: The Man Who Started Everything

It’s a gloomy time for the fashion world. Yesterday, we lost a legendary icon. Karl Lagerfeld died on Tuesday morning, in Paris, the city that he helped turn into the fashion capital of the world.

The German born designer reportedly has been quite unhealthy lately, especially when he stopped showing up at Chanel shows in January. When the Chanel team was asked on their designer’s absence, they said Karl had been tired and needed some time to rest.

Karl Lagerfeld undoubtedly has a big influence to the industry; he helped form and define luxury fashion, he made Chanel one of the most luxurious couture houses not only in Paris but worldwide, became the thinking hat of Fendi; making him one of the most outspoken, boldest individuals in fashion.

Spending almost all of his life working in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld made his fashion start when he moved to Paris by the age of 14, all by himself. He submitted sketches and fabric samples to a design competition and won straight to the first place. He met fellow designer Yves Saint Laurent in that competition, who would become a close friend later.

His fashion career rose ever since his debut. He worked with Pierre Balmain, Fendi, and Chloe. He started working for Chanel in the 80s and brought back the almost-dead brand with a ready-to-wear fashion line. He also started his own label in 1984 which was identic with quality tailoring and bold pieces. He later sold the label to Tommy Hilfiger in 2005.

So long, Karl. Your legacy will always go on. Rest in peace, legend!