Jean Paul Gaultier Releases Le Male Essence de Parfum With Chris Bunn

Hot on the heels of other perfumeries, Jean Paul Gaultier is now launching the eau de parfum version of the classic Le Male fragrance. And once again, Chris Bunn reprises his role as the sailor every man desires to be




There are a number of fresh originalities that Jean Paul Gaultier has introduced to the world of fashion. Not only did he dare to invent skirts for men during the brand’s heyday, the designer also took many references from sailors of the past for the men’s collection. The iconic blue and white stripes are now a classic style that the namesake label has ramped up beyond the sartorial offers.

Among them is the emblematic Le Male fragrance, whose flacon resembles a well-chiseled male torso and sports a striped pattern as well. Now 21 years after its debut, Le Male has a new eau de parfum version with a stunning transparent bottle but still looking like a male torso.



While perfumer Quentin Bisch took charge of the ingredient mix—which counts in cardamom, citruses, leather and lavender, among all—model Chris Bunn rose to be the Jean Paul Gaultier sailor to the Le Male Essence de Parfum as well. The 25-year-old American model is also the sailor for the latest campaign of Le Male Eau de Toilette.

Should you be interested in getting to know what the smell of this parfum is like, check out the video below: