Jared Leto Stars in Sexually-Charged Gucci Guilty Ad [Updated]

The first image from Jared Letto‘s Gucci Guilty has surfaced, and it features him in a bathroom with two female models; one of whom is seen sharing a bathtub with the actor


Jared Leto for Gucci Guilty-small


It’s obviously sexually-charged, which is the very thing you would expect from a Gucci Guilty campaign. Previously, Gucci has tapped Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood to star in a series of commercials for the fragrance; and to call their scenes “steamy” would be quite an understatement.

Additionally, a what seems to be short campaign film has been circulating on social media. An accompaniment of the above-mentioned image, the film also sees Letto and her female counterparts in the same bathroom (and bathtub). It is quickly followed by a post-intercourse bedroom scene; or so it seems, judging from Letto’s content smile.

The film ends with the appearance of Gucci Guilty’s bottles and a hashtag, #GuiltyNotGuilty, which is probably Gucci’s equivalent to #SorryNotSorry.

Watch it below, and stay tuned for updates!




Update: The full campaign film is already up! Warning: It’s NSFW.