James Franco Fronts Coach Fragrance Campaign

NEW TO THE FAMILY. American actor James Franco lends his rugged good looks to be the face for Coach’s latest fragrance campaign

As more and more luxury fashion brands begin to enter the fragrance market, the New York based brand Coach, which is more synonymous to bags, is one such name to do so. Following the success of its Coach Eau de Parfum which launched in 2016, the brand has just recently released its latest fragrance campaign for men. Simply named Coach for Men, the new fragrance is a nice combination of aromas featuring spicy cardamom and coriander with fresh notes of green nashi and kumquat. To promote the new Coach for Men fragrance, Coach has entrusted the rugged-yet-refined sensibility of American actor James Franco for the ad campaign. The campaign was shot by photographer Steve Meisel and features Franco sporting a leather Jacket and getting intimate with a vintage Plymouth Valiant.

“James is the quintessential-cool Coach guy,” said Stuart Vevers, the Creative Director of Coach. “He’s handsome, there’s a bit of danger to him and he’s thoughtful yet challenging, energetic and prolific. He represents so many of the references I’ve used at Coach — references of American style that resonate around the world,” Ververs added in his comment when talking about the American Actor.

“When I started talking to Stuart and everybody at Coach, it just seemed right because I do feel much more attuned to American fashion and the eras that Stuart was focusing on, like the ’50s and the ’70s,” Says Franco. “That’s where I feel comfortable and sort of my style. Working with Stuart, we realized that our tastes really aligned. It’s sort of like signing on to a movie, you want to be sure you’re aligned with your director. That’s how I felt with Stuart, and it paid off.”

Another interesting note about Coach’s choice for picking Franco to be featured in the new fragrance campaign is the fact that he has starred alongside some of the brand’s famous female friends. Franco has worked with Emma Roberts on two films, starred alongside Selena Gomez in “Spring Breakers” and he is currently working on a project with Kiersey Clemons. Could this be a coincidence or a perfectly matched choice by Vevers?

Here’s the video campaign of the new Coach Fragrance for Men: