Jai Courtney is One Dauntless Australian Actor You Ought to Know



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DA MAN: While it will be awhile for the audience to finally get to watch that movie, how has your journey in Hollywood been so far?
Jai Courtney: I started coming to L.A. after I worked on a series called “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” I came back-and-forth between here and Australia and just auditioned as often as I could. It took about two years to finally land a job. That film was “Jack Reacher.” Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work pretty steadily in Hollywood.

DA MAN: What’s your favorite movie role to do? What type of roles do you usually go for?
Jai Courtney: Oh, another tough one to single out. I’m not sure. I really enjoyed making an Australian film called “Felony” last year. I got to work alongside Joel Edgerton, who also wrote the script. The character I played is a young detective in suburban Sydney. Something about that role really stuck with me. He has a great journey in the film battling with his moral code and the corruption he uncovers within the police force.

DA MAN: How is it different being an actor in Hollywood and in Australia?
Jai Courtney: There’s a sense of momentum in Los Angeles that you don’t get in Australia. We don’t really have film studios like they do here, so there’s a lot less domestic content being produced. I guess you just feel busier in L.A., even when you’re not working.

DA MAN: Are there any actors whom you consider as role models?
Jai Courtney: Lots. I mentioned Joel Edgerton before. He’s someone whose work I’ve admired for a long time, and it’s awesome to see him doing so well now. I just had the pleasure of working with Russell Crowe too, whom I’ve always had respect for as an actor. Hugh Jackman is another, [also] Guy Pearce. I have great admiration for the Aussie guys who’ve been able to achieve global success without compromising their integrity. All those guys pick great projects and work consistently. That’s something I’d like to echo in my career.


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“I looked at him as a purist, a hardened young alpha male whose approach to training wasn’t necessarily kind”

DA MAN: If you weren’t an actor, what would you prefer to do?
Jai Courtney: I’d love to have been a musician. I play guitar and sing a bit but would never have the talent or determination to tackle it head-on. I have friends who are extraordinary musicians, and I see how hard it can be for them at times. But it’d be cool. Maybe in another life!

DA MAN: How do you define happiness?
Jai Courtney: I can’t. A person can’t know what happiness is without experiencing sadness. And I think that’s healthy. Life should be about balance.


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