Jai Courtney is One Dauntless Australian Actor You Ought to Know

CRUEL INTENTIONS. Being a ruthless leader in “Divergent” doesn’t reveal the nature of Australia’s acting export Jai Courtney. Here DA MAN chats with the male protagonist in the upcoming “Terminator” franchise



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Some say that great actors possess the chameleon-like ability to transform from one role to another. In the case of Jai Courtney, the bulky posture is recognizable, but the character is ever-changing. Rewind back to five years ago, the heart-warming personality won the hearts of many admirers by playing the honest chap Damian in the Australian prime time soap opera “Packed to the Rafters.” Titillating with plenty heart-to-heart conversations and family trials, Courtney showcased a convincing act before the camera despite no kicks and jabs involved in almost all of the scenes. But that was bound to change.



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In Hollywood, the 28-year-old thespian seemingly took on a different entity. His big break in the “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” TV series paved the way for coring major film titles that often portray him as vicious and unforgiving. True to his character Varro in the TV series, Courtney has embodied a gladiator persona, a “killing machine” figure that scares and keeps the audience glued on the edge of the seat. Such is his latest role of Eric, the leader of the Dauntless faction, in the action-packed blockbuster “Divergent.” Tattoos and piercings elevate his menacing appearance, complicated further by Courtney’s gripping deliverance as the gruesome, bloodthirsty fictional character.

This year, Courtney is clearly on a roll as he takes on another character transformation alongside Jack O’Connell and Garrett Hedlund in a movie titled “Unbroken,” directed by Angelina Jolie. Also worth the wait is his own rendition of the coveted role of Kyle Reese in the “Terminator: Genesis,” acting against Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. It’s clear to say, when it comes to picking the roles, Jai Courtney is one who knows how to roll with the punches.


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