Inspiring Campaigns of Spring/Summer 2019


Fair Sex – Titled “I Am Your Mirror”, the campaign evokes a seamless interpretation of gender identity within the brand’s collection, showcasing model Henry Kitcher with items made for women while doing the same with their female models.

The effects created by photographer Steven Meisel are both provoking and artful, with intentional androgynous impression taking center spot.


The Bear Necessity – Dior Men brought back one of the most iconic elements from creative director Kim Jones’ debut show: the pink teddy bear. A signature work of Jones’ collaborator for the season, contemporary visual artist KAWS, the bear is now the backdrop of the campaign.

The campaign was shot by Steven Meisel and features Valentin Caron, Malick Bodian, Romaine Dixon, Lukas Gomann and, most notably, Prince Nikolai of Denmark.

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