Inspiring Campaigns of Spring/Summer 2019

As always each season and with an issue of DAMAN Style, we present you the most inspiring and provocative campaigns throughout the spring/summer 2019 season


We’re Getting Back Together – After the catastrophe of their failed Shanghai show amidst allegations of racism, the dynamic duo went all out for their spring/summer men’s campaign – by recruiting six photographers to shoot what appears to be seven different stories!

Set on various spots in Milan, photographers Bruce Gilden, Branislav Simoncik, Angelo Pennetta, Franco Pagetti, Alex Majoli and Luca and Alessandro Morelli took the ambitious campaign that starred an array of current top models such as Adam Senn, Federico Massaro, Francisco Henriques, Janusz Kuhlmann, Qiang Li and the brand’s favorites, Marco Fantini and Maxime Trabouille.

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