Icons of Sprezzatura: Berluti expresses its take on the modern gent through its Live Iconic Campaign

Through its new live iconic campaign, Berluti calls for a return to the essentials in a nod to the elegance displayed by two of its own icons: Marcello Mastroianni and Andy Warhol

Among the many fundamentals of contemporary fashion gifted to us by Italy, none are arguably quite as Italian or as timeless as “sprezzatura.” Coined by prominent Renaissance author Baldassare Castiglione, the term was explained to mean “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.” This idea of being uncompromisingly elegant while at the same time being casually nonchalant goes one step beyond having, say, an intricately knotted tie or a pocket square folded just right. It’s about wearing a tie that is knotted in an incredibly knotted manner or having a pocket square appear exactly right, but doing so as if such elegance is totally natural and effortless.

Marcello Mastroianni

This spirit of absolutely casual elegance is something that Berluti is intimately familiar with—and today, the maison expresses its take on sprezzatura for the modern gent through its Live Iconic campaign. As much as it is a campaign, it is also a call to live life to the fullest, whether it’s by having fun or by being provocative, contradicting yourself or attempt at being enterprising, dressing up or dressing down as suits the mood.
The Live Iconic campaign also takes note of two particular Berluti clients: Legendary actor Marcello Mastroianni and revolutionary artist Andy Warhol. Both disrupted their discipline and changed people’s ideas around what it means to be stylish. Both were also drawn to the technical leathercrafting know-how and design creativity they saw at Berluti, which has always had a pioneering vision of its art.“Mastroianni and Warhol epitomise the inimitable, timeless elegance that is the very essence of our Maison,” says Berluti CEO, Antoine Arnault. “Now it’s time for Berluti to proudly reaffirm its identity and its DNA, which were forged through creating iconic designs for clients whose names will live on forever.”

Andy Warhol
The Jour Off bag
the Andy loafers
the Un Jour bag

In a way, Live Iconic celebrates two of the most iconic lives, just as it highlights a spotlight on some of Berluti’s most iconic designs. There is, for one, the Alessandro, which has long been the gold standard of lace-up court shoes and was notably designed by Alessandro Berluti himself. Then there is the Andy, the iconic loafer created by Olga Berluti for none other than Andy Warhol. The first ever high-top sneaker, the Playtime, also finds itself in this celebrated lineup.
Moving on to bags, Live Iconic showcases Un Jour, Deux Jours, Jour Off and Toujours. And from the more formal end of the spectrum, it brings in the Formula 1005, Berluti’s iconic suitcase sheathed in SIGNATURE canvas.
Interestingly, we are now faced with an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine the very idea of being stylish, to remake our notions of being elegant. More importantly, the contemporary notion of style and elegance has grown ever closer to the idea of sprezzatura: Casual, nonchalant elegance that is both deliberate yet seemingly unintentional, conscious yet appearing to be impromptu, premeditated but made to be as if random. Above all else, it is time to live a life that is simply iconic.