Icon : Matthew McConaughey and the McConaissance

THE MCCONAISSANCE. Matthew Mcconaughey has stepped up his game from being a rom-com star to an award-winning actor, and boasted a newfound style


You can take the cowboy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the cowboy. Matthew McConaughey, the thespian whose career trajectory spans from romantic comedies to sci-fi movies, is the perfect embodiment of that saying. Born and bred in Texas, McConaughey has never really left his Texan roots—determined, carefree and fearless—and makes Hollywood root for him (pun intended). In 2014 he received two of the movie industry’s most prestigious awards, namely the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.


“I don’t want revolve I want to evolve”

Known for his commitment to his characters, the 1969-born actor began his career with a breakout role in “Dazed and Confused.” He then took up various roles across different genres, including quite a few romantic comedies. In 2011, the actor joined the cast of “Magic Mike,” followed by a string of more complex characters, which has become his staple and exemplifies his top acting skills. In two of his latest, and arguably most memorable, roles, McConaughey challenges the very notion of humanity through his portrayals of an HIV-infected cowboy in “Dallas Buyers Club” and a space-time traveler in “Interstellar.” Due to all of those remarkable achievements, people have dubbed this second act in McConaughey’s career the “McConaissance.” The Texan actor also slowly finds his way around style, that further cements his status among leading men.