Icon: James Bond

DRESSED TO KILL. Known for his dapper dressing, James Bond has helped define the impeccable gentleman style



Daniel Craig (2005-present)


Who could possibly be a better dresser than James Bond? The fictional character invented by Ian Flemming made his debut on the pages of series novels in 1950s, long before coming to life on both silver and the big screen. Synonymous to sharp suits and sleek tuxedos, James Bond has evolved to more than just a character—he is the epitome of alpha male who kicks ass and takes name, and also dresses to kill.

Over the span of five decades, the character has been embodied by various actors, each lending their unique personality and sense of style. Daniel Craig, the current and sixth thespian to play the British spy role, portrays a more rugged and “off-duty” Bond. Pierce Brosnan, on the other hand, constantly wore spot-on tuxedos and outerwear pieces with his signature pompadour hair; he is the man about town. No less sleek and stylish, Roger Moore rocked a handful of signature looks including a white dinner jacket in the 1970s. Bond’s more eloquent and smooth-talking edge, meanwhile, manifested in Sean Connery’s consistency to suit up in every occasion, quite a contrast to Timothy Dalton’s debonair Bond who held his charms in spades, with or without ties on his many sharp suits.


“I’ll do anything for a woman with a knife”


There are plenty sartorial lexicons from Bond’s iconic style phases. A man’s essential wardrobe according to the “icon” comprises: a single-breasted dark blue suit, a single-breasted black dinner jacket (completed with a bow tie), a black and white tweed suit, white and blue silk shirts, black silk knitted tie and a pair of polished black mocassin shoes with dark blue socks. All this may sound not hard to achieve, but in reality, the right cutting, shape and fabric of a suit can be very tricky to pull off. As such, a bevy of top designers have had their fair share of dressing up the star to the nines, not excluding Tom Ford and Brioni.



Pierce Brosnan (1995-2004)


So what are the rule of thumbs to emulate James Bond’s suave style? The Secret Service agent sticks to solid colors of black, white, grey, blue and brown; vibrant shades such as green or red do not belong to his dressing repertoire. The right fit and material account for his sharp suits, so make sure that you pay attention to those two factors when ordering a new suit. Additionally, in the latest poster for “Spectre,” Daniel Craig wore a fitted dark charcoal turtleneck, which exudes a sharp, poised look fit for casual settings.



Timothy Dalton (1986-1994)


Apart from the always-on-point style, James Bond’s lifestyle is a particular one. He drives a variety of cars (Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, among others), drinks “shaken, not stirred” martinis and equips himself with a variety of gadgets. Yet ultimately, it is his confidence in carrying himself as a gentleman that shines through in almost every scene, and that makes him a deserving and everlasting icon from decade to decade.