Icon: Calvin Harris

TUNES AND STYLES. Calvin Harris is more than just a DJ: He defines what electronic music is and the way a modern man should dress





You’ve likely done at least one of the following: Belt out the refrain of “We Found Love” while jumping maniacally to the tune, dance to “Summer” at an appropriately summer-themed party, or have “Feel So Close” play endlessly in your head. The truth is, we are always surrounded by Calvin Harris (figuratively, of course) and there is no escaping his catchy tunes. Born in Scotland some thirty years ago, the DJ has worked his way to the top of various charts and to the hottest party scenes all over the world. He was even named the highest paid DJ in 2013 and 2014. Not bad for a kid who worked in a fish factory so that he could move to London and pursue his interest in electronic music.



“I need at least one stalker to know I’ve made It”



However, to say that Harris is simply a DJ would be a massive understatement. He sings, writes songs, and produces bestselling records. Furthermore, he has collaborated with other notable musicians such as Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Florence Welch, Ne-Yo, Ellie Goulding and Tinie Tempah, to name a few. This diverse cast of collaborators exemplifies Harris’ fluid musicality that translates to relatable lyrics and hard-to-forget notes.

Beyond the realm of music, the multi-hyphenated DJ has another title to his portfolio: a fashion icon. He was recently tapped as the new face of Emporio Armani. And boy, did he do the brand justice, especially for the underwear shoot that unexpectedly showcased his sculpted body and relaxed confidence. Off-camera, the man frequently dons casual but sleek getups, embodying a cosmopolitan style that is dynamic and contemporary, just like his music.