Icon: Benedict Cumberbatch

THE ADMIRATION GAME. Take a measure of British charm, add a sprinkle of modern style with a hefty dose of talent, and you’ll get one Benedict Cumberbatch.



Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is exactly the type of actor for whom typecasting can be a real concern. And yes, it is hard to separate his unique look and rich deep baritone voice from the image of a posh gentleman from Britain’s highest social circles. That being said, Cumberbatch’s status as Hollywood icon has been cemented through roles as diverse as a troubled mathematical genius (“The Imitation Game”), one of the last great fire-drakes of Middle Earth (“The Hobbit” trilogy), and even Marvel Comic’s sorcerer supreme (the upcoming “Doctor Strange”). But this is exactly how he wants it; as he put it himself, “I’d love to have a really broad sweep of characters—to be able to do something edgy, surprising and unfashionable. ”He also seems to rather enjoy playing such a wide array of personas, and works hard in order to “give every part a heartbeat.” Being such a consummate actor, however, has not precluded an adherence to tradition or extensive work for charity. Naturally, it also helps that Cumberbatch is hardly ever seen in a state that isn’t dapper and fashionable. Case in point: His white tux at this year’s Oscars, which perfectly summed up Cumberbatch’s British sensibilities and his rising global charm.

“I’ve suddenly realized it [clothing] Is one of life’s joys”