HUGO Loves Bowie!

It looks like no one will ever forget David Bowie’s existence, including HUGO that’s unveiling its latest capsule collection.

In order to pay tribute to the legend and his unique style, HUGO presents the limited collection of HUGO Loves Bowie capsule collection. The limited collection introduces a range of accessories, T-shirts and a leather jacket that affords fans a new opportunity to wear Bowie’s most influential works.

According to Bart de Backer, senior head of design for Hugo Menswear, this collection is an opportunity to celebrate the impact that Bowie had on the world. The pieces feature Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy”—a body of work from 1977-1979 which consists of the albums “Low,” “Heroes” and “Lodger.” Furthermore, there are various accessories such as hats and scarves embellished with the album’s promotional phrase “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.”