Hugo Boss Taps Zac Efron for New Fragrance Campaign

Zac Efron took to Instagram to announce his latest role as the leading man in Hugo Boss’ fragrance’s ad campaign


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After landing Theo James, Hugo Boss has now set their eyes on another handsome young actor: Zac Efron. Like James, the former teen star will appear in the brand’s fragrance campaign.

In his Instagram post, Efron mentions that he will be the new face of Hugo Man, one of Hugo Boss’ men’s fragrances, starting next year. Other details have not been given as of now. In the caption that accompanies an introductory video, Hugo Boss doesn’t offer much either. They do reveal a #YourTimeIsNow hashtag, which will be the theme of the said campaign.

By the looks of it, we will just go ahead and guess that the campaign will be directed toward the millennials of the world. Watch the video below: