Homegrown Fashion

A bevy of young, stylish designers in Indonesia are making their mark, mostly with streetwear and T-shirts that feature artistic designs and cutting-edge themes.

Here are a couple of the brands that have caught our eye.

Magically hip

When a trio of Indonesian friends founded the brand Magic Happens, they did not expect it to be a nationally successful company, but as it turned out, magic does happen.

With a simple mission—“to help people look better”—the urban streetwear brand caters to the needs of young professionals for hip T-shirts with unique themes.

The popular ‘Time is an Illusion’ T-shirt blends a catchy line of modern philosophy with comfort and style.

In the years to come, the team of young entrepreneurs and designers at Magic Happens hope to have their brand dominate the shopping centers of the big cities around the country.

Already in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and a few other places, the streetwear will continue delivering magic to young T-Shirt lovers who appreciates uniqueness and originality.

Time is an Illusion

Izur Rangga, one of the founders of Magic Happens

Patriot games

In a bid to promote patriotism among younger Indonesians, MTV VJ Daniel Mananta created the Damn! I Love Indonesia (DILI) brand, which makes the bold claim as being “the number one urban Indonesian clothing line.”

The goal, he told DA MAN, is to inspire a new generation and make them aware of the beautiful culture in their own country and to be proud of it.

All of the DILI T-shirts and accessories are 100 percent inspired by Indonesian culture: the country’s first president, war heroes and the famous Wayang.

According to Mananta, young people nowadays should be reminded of their true identity. These T-Shirts are presented in such a way that it provides a way for youngsters who appreciate Indonesian culture but do not know how to express it or contribute.

Daniel Mananta of DAMN! I Love Indonesia

A DAMN! T-Shirt