Hollywood’s Runts of the Fashion Litter – But We Still Love Their Looks

Nobody knows how it started, but some of Hollywood’s biggest stars just refused to go with the flow. They prefer to not give a single damn, which in turn made them stand out than the rest – in an unexpectedly good way. Yes, we are talking about those who prefer to go on a date with the cutest popstar on the planet wearing sweatpants. Or those who dress like a hobo to get a cup of coffee (even with two Oscar nominations under his belt). Or another that proposed his equally popular girlfriend (thus becoming the industry’s it-couple) in basketball shorts.

What is the matter with them, we may never find an answer – maybe nothing is wrong in the first place. But these intriguing looks not only made everyone with good taste twitch an eye, it rocked the fashion boat in general as well. Balenciaga and Gucci‘s bold and obscure campaigns this year proved that. We found our five falling (or shooting) stars of this perplexing way to dress.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber; Lanvin

Like we said earlier, the Biebs made headlines for two things: his proposal to Hollywood royalty member Haley Baldwin, and doing so while wearing basketball shorts. Outrageous? Crazy? Or genius? Lanvin applied the oversized shorts as well on their SS campaign, and we don’t hear anybody complained.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf; Giorgio Armani

Probably the OG of homeless lumberjack looks, the once most sought after actor is now a most complicated performer who still entices us with remarkable quirks. This includes in how he can’t seem to get off those boots. Giorgio Armani took the same approach – although more “during in the service” vibe than “PTSD veteran”.

John Mayer

John Mayer; Versace

Many argued that the decline of Mayer’s taste in clothes started once his music began to take over more than his love life. And it culminates in the absurdly fascinating “One Night” video. Effortless, home made, crafty – we can’t really point out where he’s aiming. But Versace seem to get it and made a hooded sweatshirt in a similar manner.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill; Fendi

The king of “burnt out genius wandering the streets” look, Hill likes to hide his undying talent under those unassuming oversized coats. He may look like a homeless person, but those eyes and grins would say otherwise. And who said that it’s not appealing? Fendi tried something similar, and you have to admit it’s perfect for fall/winter.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson; Iceberg

Envied by many with his PDA and oversharing-ness, SNL cast member Davidson also give the haters more reason to be angry at him with how he dress. But honestly speaking, Pete is a God. Who else could pull a graphic top, sweatpants and sneakers combo, yet still won the girl? Iceberg took note and did the same here.