Grooming: Best Solutions for Hair Loss

BREAKING BALD. If you’re hitting your mid-thirties this year, chances are that you already fall into the over-70 percent of the male population that is fighting hair loss

Hair Loss Treatment Men

It’s a natural phenomenon that begins with a receding hairline and/or a thinning crown. Some may already have already come to grips with a balding head, which means having only a few options left to reverse the condition. These three products are here to give you a better hope of thicker follicles and even hair re-growth.


  1. Genetics are often the culprit of the hair loss problem. Such a condition is often dubbed Androgenetic Alopecia, which in most cases starts occurring in men in their early thirties. Tackling this hair-threatening issue is Erhair Hairgrow Serum from Erha. Massaging the serum onto the scalp once a day could reduce the amount of hair loss in approximately three weeks and help grow new follicles in four weeks.
  2. If you’re out in the sun regularly, there’s a significant chance that the long exposure of the hair and scalp to UV light could be contributing to your hair loss. Renaxil Advanced hair treatment from L’Oréal Professionel Homme comes to reduce the risk of this happening. It’s the brand’s first antihair loss product for men, which is eƒective in tackling the hair loss problem and nurturing new hair growth after six weeks of usage.
  3. For hair loss prevention, Aramis Protein Enriched Hair Thickener is a white cream gel that gives extra conditioning and thickening benefits to thinning hair. It is applicable on slightly wet or dry hair and has a light scent of Aramis Classic. The 96g tube is also practical to carry around all day.