Gucci Releases 4 New Pre-Fall Short Films

Alessandro Michele offers a modern retelling of a Greek tragedy


gucci film


The stuff of myths. That’s one way to describe the snake appliques on some of the pieces in Gucci‘s pre-fall 2016 collection (and also in the newly revealed cruise 2017 offering). It’s only fitting that the fashion house also uses a story from Greek mythology to introduce the said collection in a series of new short films.

Directed by Gia Coppola and produced together with 23 Stories, Condé Nast’s in-house native ad unit, the four-part series takes its inspiration from one of many tragic lovers in Greek mythology: Orpheus and Eurydice.

As a reminder, the original myth tells the story of the lyre-playing Orpheus who journeys the Underworld to bring his wife Eurydice back from death. Hades allows him to do so on one condition: Orpheus must walk in front of his wife and he cannot turn around to look at her, or else she’ll return to the world of the dead. Being a Greek tragedy, the story ends with Orpheus turning around and Eurydice vanishing.


gucci film 2


Gucci’s version of Orpheus and Eurydice live in modern-day New York City and are dressed head-to-toe in Alessandro Michele‘s designs; the designer even created a custom 10-foot wedding veil, which is worn by the female lead in the Part One. The “Underworld” is a dimly-lit underground club and Orpheus is as a guitar player (it must be hard to find lyres these days).

The films are already live on and the websites of some of the magazines listed under Condé Nast Publications. Whether or not the modern, Gucci-clad Orpheus and Orpheus will find their happy ending this time, you just have to watch them all.