Grooming: Body Lotion for Men

UNDER MY SKIN. Whatever season of the year, keeping the skin moisturized is as important as getting the right haircut for men


There are plenty options available in store, that it’s not difficult to figure out what your skin needs and which product you should apply. Here is our simple guide: opt for body lotion for a lighter application, and use body cream for extra treatment. Aside from nourishing your skin, these can also generate a better texture of the skin while simultaneously protecting you from the danger of sun exposure and terrible cold weather. Don’t be hesitant to try several different products before going home with one, because finding out the perfect match is always a matter of trial and error.

In a more affordable range, Nivea for Men has Refreshing Lotion that contains Vitamin E to help protect the skin. Designed to be used daily, it provides a longlasting moisturized feel, so you don’t have to re-apply the lotion often. The product is non-greasy and suitable for those who are always on the go and looking for something fuss-free.

The Restorative Fluid Body Cream, as the name suggests, has a formula to restore skin’s suppleness and repair the skin damage. Launched by Sisley, it effectively cools the skin and salves irritation, particularly one caused by the sun. The botanic extracts and essential oils contained are also essential to re-hydrate the skin. Last but not least, the cream helps maintain radiant tan and is safe to use on a daily basis.

From the Provence region in France, L’Occitane takes care of both women’s and men’s skin. Such is this unisex product that has become a favorite among the loyal clientele. With high concentration of Shea, the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream moisturizes the skin with extra honey, apricot oil and vitamin E. Another plus, especially for men, is the non-oily texture. Despite the thick concentration, it’s relatively fast absorbed and has a calming scent.