Grooming: Achieving the Perfect Shave

Achieving the Perfect Shave

Make sure you’re getting your shaving routine right every time by following these expert tips:

  • Firstly, always use a good quality razor and shaving foam, gel or soap that doesn’t irritate your skin.
  • Apply warm water to the skin before you start to open up the pores. (If possible, it’s best not to shave everyday as this could damage your skin in the long run; once or twice a week is optimum.)
  • When shaving, go with the grain to avoid pulling at hair follicles.
  • After finishing, rinse and dry gently before applying after-shave lotion to soothe and replace lost moisture.

1. Clinique‘s Aloe Shave Gel

Clinique Aloe Shave Gel

A quality shave gel can make all the difference. Clinique’s Aloe Shave Gel softens and cushions one’s face and beard for a smooth and friction-free shave. Allergy tested and 100-percent fragrance-free, the gel is also oil free to ensure its suitability for all skin types.

2. Clarins‘ After Shave Soother

ClarinsMen After Shave Soother

Help your skin recover from razor blade exposure with this After Shave Soother from ClarinsMen. The alcohol-free balm comforts, smoothes and moisturizes, using Purslane, Centella and Blue Alpine Thistle to soothe redness and irritation.

3. Gillette‘s Mach3

Gillette Mach3

Offering the closest of shaves, Gillette‘s Mach3 is the modern day standard for razor blades. Using three blades with high-definition edges and a pivoting front head to hug the contours of your face, the Mach3 sports an Indicator Lubrication strip that fades to white when it needs changing.

Tips from Manhattan Barber Shop (Aryo Bimo and Risky Reynaldo)

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