Giacomo Gianniotti of “Grey’s Anatomy” is a Healer Off-Camera Too

HEART OF THE HEALER. While he’s a doctor only in fiction, Giacomo Gianniotti has his own way of healing the world and making it a better place


Giacomo Gianniotti of Grey's Anatomy in Coat by Etro
Coat by Etro


Back in late August, a massive earthquake hit Central Italy. In its aftermath, volunteers from all over the world started pouring in to render assistance. One such volunteer was Canadian actor (but Italian-born) Giacomo Gianniotti, known most of all for portraying Dr. Andrew DeLuca in hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy.” Then again, he’s no stranger to both—charity work and medical dramas, that is. In fact, one of his first TV roles was in an episode of “Medicina Generale,” which can perhaps be described as an Italian “General Hospital.”

With a new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” well under way, his first venture into the realm of film production also just starting off and his continued support to various charitable organizations, Gianniotti certainly has a lot on his plate these days. Still, he manages to fit in some of his hobbies (including riding big motorbikes, which, apparently, also ties in with his charity work—because of course it does) into his busy schedule, as well as a short intercontinental chat with DA MAN.


DA MAN: Hi, Giacomo. thank you very much for having us. So, what keeps you busy these days?
Giacomo Gianniotti: We’re starting season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is really exciting. We’re already four episodes in right now, and there’s a lot of really great writing this season. I was just in Italy because the earthquake that just hit. I went there with an organization I work with, called All Hands Volunteers, and I just got back from that. And in my free time I love to play music: I play guitar and I sing, and I like to sort of jam with other artists. I also like to ride motorcycles. That’s something that I love to do on the weekends here. Two years ago I started a production company called Fired Up Studios, and we produce short and feature films. I have a feature film that we’re prepping right now, and they’re going to start shooting next spring in Toronto. It’s exciting to be on the producing side of a movie. I will be acting in it, but I’ll have a little bit more creative control.

DA MAN: Speaking of motorcycles and your charity work, if we’re not mistaken, you’re also involved with REV IT UP For SickKids, a fundraiser organized by motorcycle enthusiasts. Can you tell us a bit about this movement? Is it a regular thing or was it just a one-time event?
Giacomo Gianniotti: No, that’s an annual thing we do every year. We raise money for sick kids in hospital in Toronto, where I’m from, and every year it’s specific to what the hospital needs. They have a federal budget that they receive from the government to run the hospital. But it’s not enough to cover all the expenses needed to operate every year. So, they highly depend on the support from other organizations to make their budget every year. And REV IT UP For SickKids is one of those organizations. This year we raised over 100,000 dollars, which was amazing. It’s a great opportunity to get like-minded people who love motorcycles to raise money for sick kids. So, it was a great charity event and also a fun thing to do every year.

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