Gandhi Fernandi Intends to Change the Indonesian Cinema

Fed up with endless casting calls and playing in cliché sinetron series, Fernando decided to open his own production house, Renee Pictures. “I will not wait for someone to bring me flowers,” he says. “I’m planting my own garden.” What’s even better, though, is the way he uses this garden of his to allow other people a chance to blossom. “Most of the people involved in my productions are new directors, new cameramen or new actors.” These include some familiar names here at DA MAN, such as J. Ryan Karsten as well as former DA MAN Darling Tara Basro, who got her first leading role in Fernando’s “The Right One.”


“I will not wait for someone to bring me flowers”


Of course, he’s also making waves by introducing a lot of novel ideas to Indonesia’s cinema. “Pizza Man,” for example, is arguably the country’s first ever adult comedy flick—“adult” as in actually written with a mature audience in mind instead of being crass and vulgar. “I’ve never intentionally tried to be a trendsetter or make something new,” Fernando points out, adding that he simply wants to avoid doing something that’s clichéd and commonplace.

So, what does Gandhi Fernando have in store for his audiences in the near future? “There’s this book, titled ‘London Angel,’ which I’ve already bought the rights to and I’m going to produce this one.” Actually, this one is quite unexpected, as he rarely, if ever, works on anything but his own stories. It was literally a chance encounter: A producer/director/actor was casually browsing in a bookstore when he just happened to flip through this book and instinctively knew that it would make a great movie. Actually, this sounds like the beginnings of rather intriguing story in itself. Only time will tell as how the story unfolds.


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