Gandhi Fernandi Intends to Change the Indonesian Cinema




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This lack of appreciation is also the reason behind Fernando’s reluctance to release his movies on DVD. “They’ll get pirated,” he exclaims. “The DVD business here amounts to 1,000 to 2,000 copies per title, at most. One day you release a DVD, the next day it’s already on YouTube.” He goes on to point out that with the cost and time required to make a movie—any movie, for that matter—making DVDs for the local market is simply not worth it.



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Still, these fundamental hitches haven’t really put much of a dent in Fernando’s passion for filmmaking. “Ever since I was young, whenever I saw a movie, I felt like I really wanted to be inside those worlds—those imaginary worlds unreachable in real life,” he reminisces. “Acting looked like a job that wasn’t hollow, because every moment would be different.” Quite fittingly, his filmography so far is incredibly diverse. There’s a straight-up comedy (“Pizza Man”), one drama (“The Right One”), one horror (“Tuyul”), a romantic comedy (“Zodiac Theory”) and one upcoming thriller (“Midnight Show”).



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Interestingly, the way he finally secured his place as a mover and shaker is, in a way, a direct result of the clash between his dreams and the realities of Indonesia’s showbiz scene. “The process of filmmaking is very lively, but the business part really, really sucks,” he concedes. Which is quite understandable, as the “old guard” of the industry can often be wary of letting young upstarts take a piece of the lucrative movie pie.



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