Gadget Review: Lomo Camera

LOMO A GO-GO.It seems that no matter how advanced digital cameras get, there will still be many who prefer the look of photos taken with film stock.

That includes hipster travelers who want to take old-fashioned photos of their trip without resorting to Instagram. To service this Market, trendy camera maker Lomo recently introduced Las Sardina and Flash – Copernicus, a compact camera which comes with Lomo’s most powerful flash ever, which they’ve dubbed Fritz the Blitz. Fritz gives you a surprising amount of control over the lighting of your shots, with three distance settings and color filters. The camera also features a wide angle lens that gives you an 89° field of view. Thankfully it uses the same 35mm film that is available in your local photography store. For Lomo lovers on the go who want to capture wide angle panorama shots, this charming camera, adorned with world-map graphics, makes a perfect traveling companion.