Gadget: Olympus Pen E-P5

PICTURE PERFECT. Let’s face it: Our modern life is besieged day in day out with visually attractive images. That also counts in snapshots produced by some wonderful features of cell phone cameras. The only way to be on top of the game is evidently to use a real camera.

The good news is that you can now slip away from the heavy and bulky DSLR, and choose a compact camera that packs more
features instead. This is where Olympus Pen E-P5, the world’s first compact system camera equipped with a mechanical shutter speed of up to 1/8000 second, comes in. It is the fourth model in the E-P range that enables effortless photo-taking and transfer, thanks to the in-camera RAW conversion, touch screen, art filters and interchangeable lens. The icing on the cake is the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity – so, hello smart phones, tablets and, for sure, Instagram.