For spring/summer 2021, Calvin Klein presents its “Blank Canvas” campaign

While the aesthetics are minimalist, the cast of the campaign is the exact opposite

Jacob Elordi

Calvin Klein brings returns to its roots with its spring/summer “Blank Canvas” campaign, photographing and filming today’s most empowering leaders and influencers in iconic logo underwear and authentic CK denim. The photo series was taken by Mario Sorrenti and sees quite a stellar cast. There’s Grammy-nominated American rapper, singer, and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion, as well as Australian actor Jacob Elordi, American actor Anthony Ramos of “Hamilton” fame, and more.

Anthony Ramos

The campaign embraces a minimalist theme as the collection includes iconic staples such as the perfect white tee, archival denim silhouettes and the brand’s iconic monogram underwear. The “Blank Canvas” campaign is also accompanied by a series of videos, including solo features for the three stars mentioned above.

To see the other campaign videos, head on over to Calvin Klein’s official YouTube channel or go directly to the campaign’s playlist.