Fendi Celebrates Chinese Valentine’s Day with Capsule Collection

In another collaboration with Mr. Doodle, Fendi released a capsule collection that includes men’s jackets, T-shirts, trousers, and matching bags. Modeled by Jackson Wang, it was made to celebrates Chinese Valentine’s day.

Celebrating the holiday known as Chinese Valentine’s day, or traditionally the Qixi Festival, that will fall on August 25, Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi has launched a special collection in collaboration with London artist and illustrator, Sam Cox aka Mr.Doodle. The new range makes a splash with a campaign modeled by famous Hong Kong-based rapper, singer, and dancer Jackson Wang.

This collaboration recalls the time in 2019 when Mr. Doodlet took over the rooftop of Fendi’s HQ in Rome; now that partnership continues with a Capsule Collection. Fendi’s bold design brings together smart and modern elements, while Mr. Doodle’s unique style of doodles with a black marker comes together with the FENDI and FF logos in yellow as well asthe iconic FENDI trademark of FF logos in yellow. This range of doodle-themed attire includes men’s jackets, T-shirts, trousers, and matching bags.