Feature: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Miles Teller of “Whiplash”

THE PRESIDENT. When Miles Teller was chosen as the president of his high school’s drama club, the people around him already had an inkling that he would become an ace in showbiz. But there are some things that you probably don’t know about him yet and, now, DA MAN presents you with the full scoop

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  1. Growing up, he never really had a chance to settle down.

Even though Miles Teller was born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, he spent his childhood in several places including Cape May, New Jersey and Citrus County, Florida, due to his father’s being a mobile nuclear plant engineer. The youngest of the family (with two older sisters), he later enrolled at Lecanto High School in 2005. Then, he moved again to study art at Tisch School of the Arts of New York University. It’s not his last stop as he explained, “I went to NYU, then moved to L.A.”

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  1. Had it not been for acting, his lifelong desire was actually to be a professional baseball player.

Although it had always been his dream to be one, Miles Teller missed the boat because of his late growth spurt. Fortunately, the now-trending actor had another goal in mind. He was a part of a television production program at his high school and hosted its morning show. Because of that, he was thinking of going to Syracuse to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. Later it hits him that to act is something a bit more special. “I realized acting was something more than getting on a stage and making people laugh, and I really focused on furthering my skills in my senior year,” he said. Ultimately, he decided to be an actor.

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  1. Despite his rapidly-increasing popularity, he is still a family man at heart.

Miles Teller is the happiest around his family and friends. He told us, “The hardest part for me has been the distance it has put between me and my family and friends.” He has always felt that the distance his job had put between him and his family and friends is the hardest part of being an actor. Furthermore, with his fame, Teller would have less time for his golf or music hobbies. However, the hardworking actor made it very clear that acting is an adventure he aspires to sail and nail.

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  1. Miles Teller has been into art from the very start.

At school, he was very passionate when it came to performing arts. “When I was in second grade, the local high school needed young kids for their production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,’ and my sister and I auditioned and got the part,” he said. He actively participated in musicals during high school. One of the musicals that he played in was “Footloose,” the one that made him land a role in the movie version (actually a remake) of the play. He also played the saxophone, was a drummer for a church youth band and president of the drama club. His teachers realized then that he would study arts in college. And yes, he aimed for a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While doing so, Teller auditioned and played in many short movies during college, such as “The Musicians” and “The Track Meet.”

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  1. He will play Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming “The Fantastic Four,” and is definitely loved by movie directors and critics

In several short years, Miles Teller managed to be the favorite of movie directors and critics alike. From short movies and TV series small role in “The Unusuals,” he has come a long way. The talented actor had his big screen debut in 2010 with “Rabbit Hole” alongside Nicole Kidman and won an award at the Savannah Film Festival Discovery Award in 2011. On receiving the award, he said, “It was a great honor and wonderful experience to be a part of.” In 2013, he won the Dramatic Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival for his performance in the movie “The Spectacular Now.”

Last year, he made it big in the award-winning “Whiplash”, playing as a 19-year-old jazz drummer. Since then he has appeared in “The Awkward Moment” alongside Zac Efron and the famous “Divergent” saga. He is set to play in several upcoming movies, including “Bleed for This” and “Get a Job,” all in leading roles. On top of that, he will play Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in “The Fantastic Four!” Are you excited yet?