Fashionisto: A Century of Stylish Guys

Germany-based journalist Simone Werle celebrates the lives and styles of fashionable men throughout the years with the launch of Fashionisto: A Century of Stylish Guys.

A celebration of stylistic quality, Fashionisto: A Century of Style Icons (Prestel) by Simone Werle is a collection of male fashion icons with the most dash, panache and élan over the past century. The book offers historical insights and acute observations into the phenomena of how clothes can make the man and how a man can immortalize the look.

Featuring 50 profiles of well-known trendsetting actors, designers and crooners, delve deep into the lives and the stylistic sui generis of men like Johnny Depp, Kurt Cobain, Truman Capote, Che Guevara, George Clooney and Boy George.

Werle is a freelance fashion journalist based in Munich, whose articles have appeared in a variety of fashion publications and is also the author of Fashionista.