Fashion Spread: Somber Summer

SOMBER SUMMER. Start building up your style reserves for next fall by incorporating sleek coats and light layering pieces in somber tones, as these two can complement looks from both summer and fall

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_DPS

Hat, blazer, denim jacket and T-­shirt by Burberry Prorsum, shorts and shoes by Ovadia & Sons

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_

Polo shirt by Ovadia & Sons

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_2

Shirt by Duckie Brown, bag by Illesteva, trousers by Alexander McQueen

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_3

Coat and shirt by Alexander McQueen, hat by Burberry Prorsum

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_4

Jacket by Todd Snyder, top by Ovadia & Sons, shorts by E. Tautz

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_5

Polo shirt by Ovadia & Sons, trousers by Carven, shoes by 3.1 Phillip Lim

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_6

Coat by Carven, trousers by Ovadia & Sons

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_7

Outfit by Ovadia & Sons

FEATURE_Rudolfo Martinez_FPS_8

Jacket by Todd Snyder

Photography Rodolfo Martinez
Styling Anthony Pedraza
Creative Director Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack
Grooming Robert Huitron
Model Gustav Swedberg/ DNA Models